L’affaire Agnès S.

Communauté Protestante Evangélique de Loches
16 Rue de Tours
37600 Loches

In April 2004, Professor Philippe Charlier, paleopathologist, identified the remains of Agnès Sorel, the mistress of Charles VII and discovers that she had been poisoned with mercury.
In the style of a historical thriller, this documentary tells the incredible story of the research carried out on the remains of Agnès Sorel by Dr. Charlier's anatomical pathology team at Lille University Hospital. In Analyzing her bones and teeth, scientists determined that it was a woman. Blonde, 25 to 26 years old, who had three children, and discovered the cause of her death: mercury poisoning.
Who had an interest in Agnès Sorel's death? The film also traces the portrait of the first mistress official of a king of France, who influenced the king's decisions and weighed on the future of the kingdom.